Experience and precision make Max Floor Specialist the right choice for these kinds of cuts.

Core Hole Drilling

in Brandon, Flowood and Southaven, MS

A core drill is a metal, cylindrical drill used to make holes through a variety of surface types, including cement, wood, rocks and ice.

Core hole drilling is a very versatile process and one of the most effective ways to cut through concrete. At Max Floor Specialist in Memphis, TN, Brandon and Southaven, MS, we can cut any width or depth - whatever your project needs, we can deliver results!

Fitting pipes, windows and other cylindrical objects are also easier to use with core drilling. Our experienced team in Brandon, Flowood, MS and Memphis, TN can precisely determine the size of the hole and make the job go faster and more smoothly.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing allows us to handle cutting vertical or sloped surfaces of concrete or stone. Our Max Floor Specialist team uses concrete wall saws on vertical surfaces to make room for doorways, windows or HVAC openings. It's an excellent choice for creating precise openings for virtually any project.

We also specialize in soff-cutting, a process that allows us to cut within the first few hours of finishing before the concrete sets. Call us today at 662-510-8420 to speak with us directly at our Southaven, MS location or 601-340-6306 to speak with us directly at our Richland, MS location.