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A recognized leader of the cleaning industry with a passion for developing innovative and sustainable solutions that help customers clean more spaces more effectively while addressing indoor and outdoor cleaning challenges.

Looking for the best prices on easy-to-operate machinery that's reliable for small jobs? Viper offers a simple, straightforward line of floor scrubbers, vacuums, floor buffers, carpet spotters, carpet extractors, air movers and floor burnishers.

Founded in 1916, Clarke manufactures rugged floor maintenance equipment - including automatic floor scrubbers, floor polishers, burnishers, sweepers, wood floor sanders, carpet extractors and vacuum cleaners - for the commercial, industrial, retail, education, hospitality and do-it-yourself markets.

Advance has been leading global provider of professional cleaning products and services for over 100 years and offers a range of innovative products and solutions.

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A mop and broom can only go so far when cleaning floors. If your industrial or commercial floors need a deeper cleaning, you should invest in an auto floor scrubber. We sell a variety of makes, models and brands, each with their own cleaning capabilities and special features.

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Why should you invest in an auto floor scrubber?

There are many benefits to buying or leasing an auto floor scrubber. By auto floor scrubbing your surfaces, you can...

  • Remove even the toughest stains, including grease and oil spills
  • Clean larger spaces in much less time than it takes to mop
  • Avoid slipping and falling hazards

Mopping your floors could make them slick and hazardous for employees or customers, but auto floor scrubbing cuts down on drying time.

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